About Isaiahs Hub

Isaiahs Hub is a nonprofit organization in Jackson, MI, focused on developing strong economical foundations in our youth. With programs such as our “Practice Life” (innovative entrepreneurs program) where we assist the youth with start up cost, ideas, trainings, and a foundational platform to build their own personal businesses, gain skills and trades all while utilizing production studios which broadcast their skills and trades on personal YouTube channels,(and other platforms such as blogs, websites etc.) to promote learning to kids, by kids.

Members will be able to learn how to create, while creating; To Learn business skills while having fun, to earn income, while learning skilled trades, to maximize social media skills which they will need to navigate life in the very near future, and to learn core life skills, while developing their own personal businesses, becoming our bright future of tomorrow!

In Partnership with makerspace we will provide the latest technology, such as green screens, PNC machines, laser printers, production studios, 4K cameras, 3D printers etc.

We will utilize our production rooms to provide both trade skills, social media marketing skills, and core life skills, providing space for hands-on productivity and innovative productivity for example; Say a 10yr old kid would like to start his own YouTube channel playing with the latest toys. With his parents consent, and a signed code of conduct agreement, they could use Isaiahs Hub, to be provided full access to state of the art equipment they need to do so, and the space.

Isaiahs hub will also use tutors and trained staff to educate individuals on how to monetize, teaching them how to earn revenue, through commercial adds, and other services such as Amazon associates! Amazon associate is a service that allows individuals to use new toys and equipment for their social media videos as a marketing technique, and pays commission for every item purchased using your add link.

Your grant will also help Isaiahs hub utilize our second studio production room for child voiceover actors. Using voices.com (a platform that seeks child voiceovers for animation productions, such as Nickelodeon, and Cartoon Network) members will able to take advantage of opportunities for to make no less than $100 a job.

Also as a Christian-based organization, we believe In good morals, and good ethics. We strongly believe in the foundation of our youth, and what infrastructure that foundation is made up of. So we have a 24/hr Bible study access program, determinedly to rebuild the spiritual foundation that this great country of ours lacks this day and age.

Join our Team,

By giving, donating, and helping us to raise money for the success of our Youth!

Thank you,

Executive Director John L Willis III